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I can help you access your creativity & and activate your spirituality, turn your passions into a purpose and launch a soul-aligned business within 3 months.​

Starting ON your business today will get you to your freedom-filled abundant lifestyle quicker and all you have to do is follow the guidance of your soul. Let me help get you there with ease. You will be shocked at how much progress can be made even in three months.


Discover the freedom and abundance that comes with living your soul's mission. You don't have to hustle for cash anymore! It's time to listen to the whispers and go all-in on your dream, even if it's a little scary.

I'm here to help you start your own soul-aligned business. I'll provide you with the guidance you need to overcome any obstacles in your path and unleash your creative potential. I have walked the path before you and will give you a blueprint to a freedom-filled CEO lifestyle and strategies that will help turn your passions into a purpose and generate abundance in your business.

Your soul holds all the answers you need to create a thriving business and live the life you were meant to live.


Let us help you tap into its guidance and unlock your full potential.


Book your discovery call today and discover if the programme is the right fit for you. 



>>>You feel stuck and unfulfilled in your current job, but afraid to pursue your dreams of starting a business?

>>>You have a business concept but have no idea where to start.

>>>You have been sharing your business on Instagram but failed to make money and see progress. 


>>>You have been putting off the idea of starting a brand because of fear of failing at it, and your mind asking you questions like Who are you to do this?

>>>Your current role makes you so unfulfilled that it's even more of a torture to stay in it for even another year so you tend to escape your reality through frequent shopping trips and buying things you don't need


>>>You have no idea why you feel drained from all the work you are putting in at your 9-5 and aimlessly sharing on socials in hopes to get that side hustle off the ground. 

Would it be nice to clear the fears and back them up with a proven blueprint of energy work and strategy to help you achieve your goals with ease?


At the end of the day, your heart is calling for more creativity, more fulfilment, more abundance and more passion in your life...


That's where I come in…



>>>You wake up without an alarm, feeling so grateful and excited for the day ahead


>>>You grab your journal and have a flood of creative ideas pouring in.


>>>You do a meditation and visualize all the magic coming ahead for your day and you know that you have all the confidence, knowledge and energy you need to make it happen


>>>You move your body, tune in with nature, and have a healthy breakfast because you have the time, and the freedom to do so


>>>You finally step into your pristinely decorated home office, light a scented candle, and start planning your workday.


>>>After an hour or so of work you head out to do some social media content and get some R&R before your client calls start in the afternoon 

>>>You meet your friends for happy hour and grab the bill because it feels so great to be generous


>>>You head home and do your evening routine, feeling satisfied,  knowing that you served the world, knowing that you're making a difference and feeding your soul every day...THIS IS LIVING

>>>CLIENTS are lined up to work with you and they feel more like soul-mate-friends than clients


>>>You check your email and see a new £5000 contract has been signed so you do a little online shopping and book those flights to Bali because WHY NOT!

I CAN HELP YOU quantum jump into the freedom-filled life and soul-aligned CEO version of you. The foundation you are missing is within your reach and thoughts that the industry is competitive and that are many others already doing the same offer are simply not true. 

I have walked this path and the number of fears that came up from me starting multiple businesses, failing at some, growing others and most importantly learning how to unblock all that was stopping me from fully turning my passions into a purpose and living a soul-aligned freedom-filled CEO lifestyle. 


I allowed energy-depleting people and situations to surround me way longer than needed, my bank balance refusing to grow no matter how much hard work I put into it. Until I realised that feelings of lower vibration came from me being disconnected from my soul and higher self, listening to the outside world instead of myself. 


One day I said fuck it, quit my job, fully committed to creating content and moved to LA where I placed utmost importance on my self-love rituals, learned boundaries and started aligning with my higher self and my dream goals. This led me to Bali where I launched my clothing brand and a digital marketing agency. My agency generated nearly 6 figures in the first year. 

With all the work and healing behind me, I felt called to finally share all that I've learned not only in business but my healing journey. The journey helped me reach a perfect balance between my feminine and masculine energy which ultimately shifted my reality.


I would be doing you a disservice if I gatekept my methods. Truth be told it has been never a better time to decide to go for your dreams and turn your passions into purposeful and profitable biz.

Without a strong structure and self-love foundation, I wouldn’t be able to live my freedom-filled life today and keep turning my passions into a purpose whilst I live my freedom-filled and soul-aligned CEO lifestyle. 

You know you deserve and are ready for more, truthfully you will wish you started sooner...



>>> 16 modules covering all that it takes to create and launch a soul-aligned business, get ready as we are turning your passions into a profitable idea and launching a business during the programme


>>> 8 group coaching calls to train and teach in real life, answer all the burning questions and brainstorm how we can overtake the world and build our empires as a community. 


>>> 8 meditation/visualisation audios do feel dive into the energy stuck in your body and realise low frequency so that we can align with our higher self and manifest your desires into reality 


>>> Private FB/IG Group for support and friendship building  


>>> Customised workbooks, videos, rituals and more to deep dive into the subconscious and bring the fears to light, once they are in the light we have the power to transmute the energy and turn it into life-changing opportunities. 



>>> 1:1 Call with me (£500 value)

>>> 5 Soul-Led Business Ideas That Make Money

>>> Self Love Manual to improve the relationship you have with yourself (over £100 value)



I believe that you can do this with ease and with my support you will get there quicker than I did. We got this! 


Through my daily routines and energy healing rituals, grounding practice, creating space for creativity to come through, not pressuring motivations and inspiration, focusing on balancing feminine and masculine, and exercising consistency through various tools including astrology and human design.


Each module is split into feminine and masculine sections to help balance your energy and take you from a lost and unsure to a more clear and motivated self through self-love routines and energy work to create a soul-aligned freedom-filled business from an inspired and authentic place within USING my signature method.


MODULE 1 - we'll help you get clear on your goals and turn your passions into a purpose. We'll use the feminine approach to help you gain clarity through visualization, journaling, and creating a vision board, alongside the masculine approach to utilise strategies that will allow us to manifest your desires and bring them into reality.

MODULE 2 - we'll help you get grounded in your soul mission. We'll use the feminine approach to ground you through meditation and tap into your creativity for your visual brand. Backed up wiht the masculine approach to get more technical and conduct a SWOT analysis, identify your ideal client, and map out your financial goals.

MODULE 3 - we'll help you detox your limiting beliefs and clear any fears that may be holding you back. We'll use the feminine approach to practice daily gratitude and fear-clearing techniques. And, we'll use the masculine approach to focus on branding, social media content planning, and website creation.


MODULE 4 - we'll help you unleash your creativity and focus on your visual branding and emotional connection to your audience. We'll use the feminine approach to tap into the emotion you want people to feel when they see your brand. And, the masculine approach to set up email marketing, mailing list automation, and launch strategies.


MODULE 5 - we'll help you appreciate how far you've come and keep moving forward. We'll use the feminine approach to focus on lifestyle up-leveling, confidence boosting rituals, and brand messaging. And, we'll use the masculine approach to create lead magnets, prep you to launch, and work on setting up the funnels.


MODULE 6 - we'll help you magnetize your desires to you with ease and launch your Soul Biz to the world. We'll use the feminine approach to focus on content strategy and audience building. And, we'll use the masculine approach to build confidence in sales and create funnels that convert.

MODULE 7 - we'll help you surrender and promote your business beyond your organic reach. We'll use the feminine approach to manage your energy and align it with your goals. And, we'll use the masculine approach to create buzz around your brand through PR, influencer, and paid ads.


And lastly, MODULE 8 - we'll help you integrate everything you've learned and show up as a soul-aligned CEO. We'll use the feminine approach to practice appreciation and accountability. And, we'll utalise the masculine approach to ensure everything flows smoothly and easily in your business.

We are getting you from no idea where to start to fully function businesses with processes that don’t take so much of your time once implemented,  with my signature Soul Aligned BIZ method, which includes clearing and transforming limiting beliefs and fears into opportunity through rituals and tools that will change your life and how you make all of your decision, we are levelling your self-love and creating a brand whether it be a personal brand, product or service from a creative and authentic place to bring in more freedom that you truly deserve. 




+ 16 weeks of support

+ 8 powerful phone calls

+ Unlimited email access

+ My signature Soul Aligned CEO lifestyle and business method 

+ £600 worth of bonuses


For only £2500







 1on1 coaching

+ 16 weeks of fully tailored support 

+ 8 powerful phone calls to analyse and assess the areas to elevate and improve 

+ Unlimited email access

+ My signature Soul Aligned CEO lifestyle and business method 

+ £600 worth of bonuses


For only £5000



If you can visualise your dream life, it is there for you, you just have to align with that version of yourself. Your energy matters and how much of it you put into it the programme, that and ten folds more you will get out of it. 

>>> You will be grounded in your vision and have enough clarity to keep building on your business which will generate more freedom and abundance in your life. 

>>>You will have self-love and healing routines in place to keep you tapped into your inspiration, creativity and manifestation power. 


>>>Freedom to work from anywhere and travel whenever you want as you build your soul-aligned business and manifest more abundance into it. The sky is the limit. 


>>>Automated systems in place to help you generate revenue even when you are not working. 


>>>More time to spend with people you love doing things you love as you fully transition into your freedom-filled life. 


>>>Tools and practices to manifest all of your desires in no time

>>>A gorgeous brand that you are proud of as your birthed it from a soul-aligned place and authenticity. 

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